Tuesday, December 1, 2015

By Deaun Zasadny

My family lived on the Cono campus from late 2007 until 2009 while our daughters attended as day students. We were welcomed and included by so many there who became a blessing and encouragment in our lives: Mrs. Jean Belz, who opened her home to a women's Bible study with a warm fire, coffee and a solid love for the Lord and anyone He put into her life; Pastor Eric Duble and his lovely wife Deb; Eric reflected the Father's love toward the students; both Pastor and Mrs. would go to any length to reach a student; Andrew who acted as chancellor/cheerleader and the choir director who unabashedly saw potential in every one of his choir students;  Mary Anna Belz who taught with such love and commitment; The Underwood family who opened their home and hearts to so many students. Cono quickly became our little church and school family. Who’d of thought all this could happen at this tiny little campus in the wee town of Walker, Iowa?

Having participated as a member of the congregational meeting for Cono this past September I felt it was honoring to Mrs. Jean Belz and all those before her and alongside her who toiled for the Lord’s work. I am hopeful that Cono will get back on a greater mission to honor God and bless His children. The gathering left me wishing we could have all been together for a hearty hymn and dinner in the dining hall after the meeting.

Deaun Zasadny

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Adrienne McCrory said...

Love this! Thanks for posting, Deaun.