Thursday, November 19, 2015

By Carlos Canales

My name is Carlos Canales. I attended Cono from 1993 to 1995. At 16, Cono was my first stop in the States coming from Peru which, at that time, was a struggling country financially and politically. I also came from a family that struggled with various kinds of stability. Cono was a good home base for me as I transitioned to a new culture and a new life. Cono was simple enough to help me reorganize around my life's priorities and faith. It had strict enough boundaries to contain the many emotions running through me during those formative years. Cono also had great families ready to adopt kids like me, families with fabulous male presence. I am forever impressed by Mr. Dupee (Sr. and Jr.), Mr. Deutchman, Mr. Belz, and Mr. Birchler. I remember them with great appreciation and warmth. Each personality was different from the other but they were all loving and Godly. I was also impressed by the quality of relationships with peers. I can list names of folks who will always be my friends, my buddies. It is not hard to smilie and savor so many wonderful memories and shared experiences. Those years were golden.  

I want to support Cono because it really changed my life orienting it to who I am now. I am married and have a child. My family is Christian and hard working. I am stable, happy, and involved in giving. I became a psychologist who aspires to give as much as my Cono teachers did. And, I hope others get a chance to have a similar enough blessings through Cono once again.

Carlos Canales

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