Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Beginning - 1948

Just to note: This is NOT the current state of things but a 1948 summary of HIStory

Evicted from the Cono Center Church because they disassociated themselves from the Presbyterian church in the United States and joined with the Bible Presbyterian faith, members of the Cono Center congregation will meet in the Cono Center school on Wednesdays and Sundays, their pastor, Max Belz, announced Tuesday afternoon. The elders, officers and some of the parishioners met in the schoolyard to plan for the future at a communication from the Dubuque Presbytery, which evicted the congregation through a Buchanan county district court order, are (left to right): Mrs. Herbert Arnold, Mrs. Fred Geicke, Miss Jean Agnew, Mrs. LeRoy Gardner, Mrs. Belz and Mrs. Will Gardner. The children, sons and daughter of the LeRoy Gardners, are (left to right): Gwen, 2, Grant, 9, and Danny, 5.

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